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12/2/2017 Radio Captures Local Hispanic Flavor for Clamato

"The U.S. Hispanic population, according to research from Mott’s North America, is growing five times faster than the general market. But all Hispanics aren’t alike. Buying habits and taste preferences may differ among Hispanics from Mexican, Dominican or Puerto Rican origins. That’s why local radio is a key ingredient in Mott’s new Spanish-language campaign for Clamato tomato cocktail juice. "Radio," says Omar Garcia, brand manager, "allows us to specifically target different segments within the Hispanic market and to attain frequency."
Radio in 14 markets, including New York, will supplement Hispanic network television because of this targeting ability. "Different Hispanics use Clamato in different ways," says Garcia. Some Hispanic consumers, he explains, drink Clamato with un toque de limon ("a touch of lemon"), while others prefer salsa picante ("hot sauce").
"The Hispanic market is different throughout the U.S.," he points out. "Radio spots in New York and Miami, for example, are more neutral, while those west of the Mississippi tend to be more targeted toward Mexican Hispanics." The radio campaign, which is airing on three New York area stations, began in April, will intensify during the warmer summer months and will run through September. The radio, as well as TV and outdoor advertising, was created by Dallas-based ad agency, Dieste & Partners.
All of the Clamato advertising employs a new tagline, "clamato le pone sabor al momento" ("Clamato adds flavor to the moment."). Mike Judlow, Mott’s vice president of marketing, reiterating that, "our research shows Latino consumers use Clamato in a variety of ways," adds that,"we want to position our product as a delicious-tasting drink that enhances the time you share with family and friends."
The core target for the campaign, according to Warren Harmel, managing partner of Dieste & Partners, consists of "Spanish-language Clamato users who are married with children.""

12/2/2017 NY Radio Only Ad Medium for NuVim

"NuVim, a new ready-to-drink beverage designed to enhance the human immune system and help maintain healthy joints and muscles will be launched June 5 in the New York Market via a radio-only advertising campaign targeting adults, 35+.
The drink, a result of 35 years of clinical research and development by Cincinnati-based Stolle Milk Biologies Inc., contains the micro-nutrients, LactoMune and LactoActin, and will be available in the dairy departments of major area supermarkets in four flavors -- fruit symphony, orange tangerine, pink grapefruit & berry and strawberry vanilla
Because of the somewhat complex history of NuVim’s development, Richard P. Kundrat, chairman and CEO, says, "We needed radio’s 60 seconds. Radio gives us the ability to tell the story." Pointing out that there is "no TV and no print," Kundrat emphasizes that, "radio is more conversational. This is a conversation, not a hard sell." And research, Kundrat adds, showed that "people are going to drink the product in the morning and after they come home from work, so morning and afternoon drive is perfect."
Chief conversationalist is Dick Clark, who will be the spokesman for the campaign. "Dick," says Kundrat, "has a great radio voice, and he personifies what this product is about. He’s 70 and looks 55." Using the slogan, "Be Healthy & Energetic", the advertising will accentuate the benefits of the drink, while also stressing that it is "great-tasting".
The campaign, created by The Wolf Group New York, will air continuously through the end of the year -- from 75-120 commercials a week on about eight New York area stations reaching adults, 35+, with a female skew. The media buying is being handled by R.J. Palmer , Inc. Unlike many food and beverage products that are tested in smaller markets, NuVim is getting its debut in New York. "We spent $700,000 in research," Kundrat explains, "and we wanted to come into a market that’s tough and highly visible. If it can work here, it can work anywhere." The brand will probably go national in the first quarter of next year.
New York market radio stations, he explains, are acting as marketing partners with NuVim by creating special events such as an American Bandstand revival, including the product in existing events such as station sponsorship at the AP/Waldbaum’s Tennis Tournament or giving the beverage high visibility at a station-sponsored health expo."

12/2/2017 Radio Helps Siperstein's Stand Out

A husband and wife are shopping for wallpaper in one of those huge home centers when she realizes, "I don’t need big. I need someone who knows wallpaper." That’s one of the scenarios in a new radio commercial from Siperstein’s, a New Jersey-based home decorating chain that has shifted much of its advertising budget from newspapers to radio in order to distinguish itself from the large, multi-purpose home centers such as Home Depot.
"Radio is giving Siperstein’s a personality," says Ernie Fossa, partner at The GFS/Levinson Group, Siperstein’s ad agency. "It’s something they couldn’t get in newspaper ads." The target customer, Fossa adds, is adults, 25-54, with a male skew. In another of the creative executions, a husband tells a home center salesperson he’s looking for paint, and, "my wife wants it to be the same blue as this cup..." The store employee responds, "What do you think this is, Siperstein’s?"
The retailer had recently added some Connecticut locations to its New Jersey base, and this made the move to radio, combined with outdoor advertising, even more opportune. Siperstein’s, says Fossa, is only using newspapers on an insert basis, "to supplement heavy radio and outdoor. They’re 12 to 15 stations deep, taking advantage of weekend radio -- Friday thru Sunday.
"We looked at their competition in the market," Fossa continues, "and decided they could create awareness in radio." The campaign started the last week in March and will run through October. By early April, the creative was already breaking through with the message that, "If it has anything to do with wallpaper [not lawn mowers], paint [not plumbing] and window treatments [not the treatment], you’ll find it at Siperstein’s."

12/2/2017 Harness the Power of NEW YORK RADIO

"There are 16.9 million New Yorkers over the age of 6. Of these consumers, 15.7 million of them listen to New York Market Radio each week. That’s a 93% penetration rate. This rate is unachievable by most other media.
And, New York Market Radio holds its audience throughout the weekdays and into the weekends. During morning drive (Mon-Fri 6am-10am), 11.2 million (66%) New York consumers listen to the Radio. Although New Yorkers get busier during the day, more than 12.2 million (73%) New York consumers are still listening in middays (Mon-Fri 10am-3pm). In the afternoon (Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm), Radio listening increases to over 12.6 million consumers
New Yorkers return to Radio in the evening and on weekends. Since evenings and weekends are the prime time for purchases, these are critical dayparts for any advertiser. In the evenings, 9.3 million New York consumers tune to their Radios. On the weekends, 12.8 million consumers are tuning in. Weekends is the highest daypart for reaching New York consumers.
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Now that you have seen the headlines, let’s dig a little deeper into the story behind this massive audience.

Radio’s reach in New York covers all demo groups. Whether your advertising target is younger or older consumers, New York Radio reaches an audience that matches the population. In the key 25-54 buying demos, New York Radio exceeds the population!
This reach holds true both for the total audience to Radio and the time these consumers spend listening to New York Radio stations. In the hardest to reach younger groups (Persons 6-11, teens and Adults 18-24) New York Radio reaches 88% to 95% of these key consumer groups. And, even with the competition with other mediums, Adults 18-24 listen to the Radio an average of 11 hours and 15 minutes a week. This is a captive audience!
In the older demo groups, New York Radio’s reach is tremendous, with penetration at 92% or higher in all groups. Time spent listening for these groups averages more than 13 hours a week!

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As advertisers focus on their key targets, we will focus on Radio’s heavy listeners. There are almost 3 million New York consumers who listen to the Radio for at least 22 hours a week. What does an advertiser need to know about New York Radio’s heavy hitters? According to Scarborough:

51% of these listeners are male. 49% are female. 65% of these consumers are between the ages of 25-54.
53% have pursued at least some college education. 29% have achieved a college degree or higher certification.
48% are employed in management, business, professional or sales occupations.
32% have a household income of $100,000 or more.
51% are married.
46% have children under the age of 18 in their household.

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Now that you know the basics on New York’s heavy Radio listeners, what do they plan to buy? Where do they like to vacation and shop? What do they invest in? Are they heavy cellular/wireless phone or Internet users? How much are they spending on groceries?

Over 722,000 of New York’s heavy Radio listeners own a home valued at over $500,000.
Over 843,000 of these listeners' households have stock or stock options.
Over 654,000 of these listeners' households plan to purchase or lease a new or used automobile in the next year.
Over 644,000 of these listeners plan to take a foreign trip in the next year.
Over 1.3 million of these listeners have spent over $75 on their last cellular phone bill in the past month.
Over 1/2 million of these listeners have spent $1,000 or more on Internet purchases in the past year.
Nearly 1.0 million of these listeners' households have spent $150 or more on groceries in the past week. Click here for more information

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12/2/2017 Why Radio During a Recession

"The current economic downturn has altered people’s lifestyles and spending habits. Things people did without giving it a second thought are now not being done at all. These changes have affected the relative influence of different advertising mediums. While Radio is a valuable advertising medium in good economic times, its value explodes during difficult economic times.
Radio Is Free and Popular
Radio is and always has been free to the end users. There is no subscription or user fee. The recession has greatly impacted newspaper circulation. As money gets tight people question the price they pay for their monthly cable subscription. However, Radio is free entertainment.
Just about everyone tunes to the Radio. In an average week 94.5% of New York metro Adults 18+ tuned to the Radio. On an average day 71.1% listened to the NY Market Radio.

In other words, Radio reaches nearly three-quarters of all New York Adults on an average day. Not only are they tuning in, but they are also listening. The average Adult spends thirteen hours a week with Radio. Radio’s reach and great TSL have both been consistent over the past year.
It doesn’t matter the level of a person’s affluence, free entertainment is ideal in an economy where money is tight.
Radio Is Right as Both a News and Entertainment Source
As the economy has turned, many in the population have become glued to news and business. New York Market Radio offers these folks several different choices to keep listeners up-to-date on world events. There are several stations that offer news and business 24 hours a day. There are also several stations where listeners can hear opinion-makers talk about news events.
Others wish to ignore these events and are need of entertainment. New York Market Radio has dozens of free entertainment choices. From a variety of music stations to sports and talk, New Yorkers can escape their concerns and feel good again.
Radio’s Targetability Makes it an Efficient Advertising Medium
In tough economic times, Radio’s ability to target specific audiences is more important than ever. Due to the great variety of stations, Radio is a great target marketing choice.
• If you want to reach a specific age segment – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific gender – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific ethnic group – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific geographic region – there are specific Radio stations for you
Simply put – NY Market Radio enables you to reach the portions of the population you want without paying for the segments that are not needed.